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Unlike systems such as Magento or Shopify, thanks to a unique feature our eCommerce software, our software only requires a single page to be built, which automatically turns into a fully featured retail site. You don't get a 'template' - you have a unique web store.

And even more exciting, is the fact that images and text can all be managed using our zTSM Content Management software. This enables not just your homepage and products to be changed, but also text and images on all your pages.

Ask to see the list of over 200 features that are standard in our software. Features such as promotions, vouchers and loyalty schemes, multiple languages, gift options, surveys for feedback, and much, much more.

And as our software is developed to PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance standard you can be assured of the security of all your customers' account data, not just cardholder details.


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